Skyy Vodka – 1000ml

Skyy Vodka – 1000ml

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The brand was created by Maurice Kanbar, who set out to distill a vodka devoid of impurities called congeners, introduced in San Francisco in 1992. His pursuit resulted in a column-distilled spirit made from American grain and essentially pure water, which then undergoes rigorous filtration. The alcohol is 80-proof in the glass. SKYY is doing a great job of extolling optimistic whiskey values. The lightweight frame is textured smooth, yet satiny. Its initial entrance briefly warms the mouth before slipping away to a cool, crisp end. The distillery extended its variety with SKYY 90, an elegant wheat vodka produced from wheat and spring water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains in a 5-column continuous still.

Its strong alcohol level, distilled at 90-proof, makes the vodka a tingle on the palate with nary a hint of ruggedness. Its long and refreshing finish.

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